We thought you might be interested to know 7 great things about Tec7 Sealant and why you can ‘Simply Tec It and leave it!’

  1. Tec7 Sealant & Adhesive Bonding, Mounting & Sealing, Even Under Water making it ideal for sealing leaks and gutter repairs
  2. Because it is Instantly Waterproof Sealant , Tec7 is ideal as a bathroom and shower sealant, see our “how to seal a bath” guide
  3. 1cm or a thumbnail of Tec7 is a super strong sealant holds 27kg when fully cured, thats equivalent to a bag of cement and a bag of sugar
  4. Tec7 Sealant is not a silicone sealant it is an MS Polymer so is Solvent Free Adhesive
  5. Tec7 Sealant can be used with most building materials including PVC and replaces most other plastic glues
  6. Tec7 Sealant is Guaranteed for 10 years
  7. Tec7 Sealant although is paintable, is available in 9 different colours