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How To Fix a Leaking Garden Pond

A leaking garden pond or swimming pond can be very difficult to repair – unless you work with TEC 7. TEC 7 even repairs underwater, and it is completely safe for fish and aquatic plants.


Step 1: Preparation

  • Clean the repair site thoroughly with the scouring sponge. Do not use any degreasers which could harm your aquatic life.
  • Carefully degrease the repair piece with HP7. Rinse well afterwards with water.

Step Two: Bonding

  • Apply a generous quantity of TEC 7 to the repair piece.
  • Press the piece firmly against the substrate.
  • Apply brief and powerful pressure. It is unnecessary to clamp or exert a permanent pressure.

Step 3: Finishing

  • Remove any excess TEC 7
  • Clean tools with TEC 7 Cleaner

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