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How To Mount Skirting Boards

Pur 7 Plus is a professional gun foam with low post-expansion. The fast filling out of hollow spaces ensures a solid substrate on which skirting boards can be bonded with TEC 7.


Step 1: Preparation

  • Remove loose particles and dust with brush and/or vacuum cleaner.
  • Moisten the substrate slightly with the plant sprayer. This will give you a better adhesion. It also shortens the curing time.

Step Two: Sealing

  • Shake the can very carefully.
  • Fit the can of PUR 7 Plus onto the gun. See the manual for this.
  • Fill the hollow spaces not quite completely with PUR 7 Plus. Thanks to the low post-expansion you can dose very precisely.
  • You can remove uncured PUR foam with TEC 7 Cleaner.
  • After around 60 minutes the foam is cured.

Step 3: Finishing

  • Trim the PUR foam properly with a sharp knife.
  • Degrease the back of the skirting boards with FOAM 7.
  • Apply a generous quantity of TEC 7 to the back of the skirting board and mount it.
  • You can remove excess TEC 7 with Tec 7 Cleaner.

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