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Tec7 Pur7 Pro B1 Expanding Foam

Tec7 Pur Pro – The B1 Fire Rated Gun Grade Expanding Foam that stops expanding when it meets resistance.

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Tec7 Pur Pro’s useful properties include:

Very Low Expansion – Max Expansion of 20%
Fire Resistant: Class B1
Fast Curing (60 Minutes) and Permanent Flexibility
Can be used at Freezing Temperatures as low as -10⁰C
Minimum Expansion Pressure

Tec7 Pur Pro is a B1 fire rated foam, suitable for a wide variety of mounting and insulation jobs.


What can YOU do with Tec7 Pur Pro?

Mounting of Doors, Window Frames, Panels, etc, in Plastic, Metal or Wood
Sealing of Connections to Roofs, Walls, Ship Floors and Ceilings, Skylights, Brickwork, etc.
Insulation of Pipes
Filling of Walls, Joints, etc.
Insulating Parts of a Construction Against Heat, Cold and Air Flow
Filling of Connecting Joints Between Window Frames, Skylights, Brickwork, etc.
Filling of Hollow Spaces, e.g. Cavity Walls, Holes in Concrete, Cavities of Corrugated Sheets, Drilled Holes in Walls, etc.
Ideal as Sound Insulation and to Prevent a Thermal Bridge
Mounting of Parts for Which Fire Retarding is Important
Tec7 Pur Pro is Extremely Suited for Applications that Require Fire Retardation
Tec7 Pur Pro Can Easily Be Worked On: Painting, Bonding, Plastering, etc.
Tec7 Pur Pro is Very Good For Heat and Sound Insulating and Can Be Used With All Common Construction Materials


Directions For Use

Pre-treatment of the surface:The surface needs to be clean, solid, dust-proof and degreased.

Moisten the surface to stimulate the adherence and the curing time.

Cover the surrounding surfaces with covering film or adhesive tape before starting the work.
Attaching Pur7 Plus to the Gun:Shake the aerosol well before use.

Close the flow regulator wheel on the Tec7 Pur Pro gun completely, before screwing Tec7 Pur Pro on the gun.

Adjust the flow regulator wheel until the desired flow rate is acquired.

The product is now ready for use.

Due to the slight expansion of the product, the joint has to be filled completely.

Non-hardened Tec7 Pur Pro can be removed with Tec7 Pur cleaner.

Clean the Tec7 Pur Pro gun after use with Tec7 Pur cleaner
Applying:The temperature of the product has to be at least 5°C.

The temperature of the surface has to be between -10°C and +35°C.
Cleaning:Always remove excess uncured Tec7 Pur Pro with Tec7 Pur Cleaner

The Pur 7 Gun

Foam guns exist in many qualities. TEC7 chooses only the best quality. So you are sure that your gun is always ready for use, without leaks or blockages. Because a small problem with your gun can take you a lot of time to solve.

The Tec7 Pur Pro Gun can be used with most Gun Grade PU Foams on the market.
With the Tec7 Pur Pro Gun you can dose the PU foam in a controlled manner. As a result, joints can be carefully filled and doors and windows mounted in a fast, easy and safe manner
A long spout, which can be extended even further, offers you the possibility of working even in many places that are hard to reach.
Tec7 Pur Pro Gun can be cleaned quickly and easily using Tec7 Pur Cleaner

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