Tec7 Remove All

Removes Cured Tec7

Cleaner for stubborn chemical stains

cured PUR foam sealant

glue residues

paint and lacuqers


Tec7 Remove All is a stubborn cleaner for removing residues of cured Tec7, silicone, expanding foam and graffiti.

Tec7 Remove All, not to be confused with paint stripper, works by penetrating stains and breaking the contact between them and the surface making products like Tec7 and paints easy to remove.

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Remove ALL penetrates the deposits and unbinds them from the substrate. Old lay-ers of paint peel off; cured sealant comes off the substrate and residues of polyure-thane foam soften, making them easy to remove. Remove ALL is eco-friendly and easy to use.

Remove ALL is environmentally friendly and fire-safe for the removal of very tough surface residues, such as cured sealants, polyurethane foam, paints and varnishes, soot deposit, etc. Remove ALL evaporates extremely slowly, enabling it to completely remove very persistent dirt deposits.


  1. Always read the technical data sheets in order to understand the product that you are using.
  2. Remove as much of the product a possible e.g. in the case of Tec7, remove the bead first and use Remove All to remove the residue
  3. Remove and dust or dirt
  4. Apply Remove All and allow it to penetrate the substrate
  5. Repeat if necessary
  6. Once Remove All has taken effect and you are happy with the result, remove the product from the substrate and rinse thoroughly with water


  • remove cured Tec7 and silicone
  • Expanding Foam
  • Lacquered paint/varnish and graffiti from smooth and polished concrete, ceramic and glazed tiles, sanitary wear, granite, brick, exterior render, acrylic resin (shower tray etc.), Glass, mirror, lacquered surfaces, all metals to include stainless steel and copper, Fabric, carpet and leather.


  • Warning: Remove All penetrates the product to loosen them from the substrate so it is always advised you test before use, extra care should be taken on varnished and painted surfaces, powder coatings, laminate and veneer (glued surfaces) and printed surfaces
  • More product may be required in certain applications where the residue is more severe
  • The thinner the layer of residue the faster Remove All will work
  • Remove All can be used to clean paint brushes etc.

Safety Sheet

Technical information

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