Available in 310ml cartridge, 750ml can, and 4L tub

WP7-101 Liquaseal

THE MS Polymer All-Rounder

Completely watertight and UV stable from a layer of just 1 millimetre

Works quickly: only one coat needed

Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications

Good adhesion to EPDM, zinc, tiles and other roof materials

Permanently flexible and is suitable for walking on once cured

Rainproof within 2 hours

Free of harmful solvents or toxic substances


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MS polymers (such as Tec7) combine excellent adhesion with high flexibility and good resistance to UV radiation and weathering.

WP7-101 LIQUASEAL is a liquid based MS Polymer sealer with these characteristics that also has a unique feature in that it retains its high quality from a layer of just 1mm compared to the industry standard 2mm which makes it ideal for use with most high-quality roof.



Waterproofing roof details, edges and sides

Liquid membrane for general waterproofing

Sealing ducting & roof connections etc.

Renovation of roof elements and small flat roofs

Finishing roof edges and chimneys

Sealing corroded copper, lead and zinc flashings

Waterproofing concrete foundations


Always work on a clean surface.

Always degrease EPDM by using Tec7 Multiclean.

Reinforce corners, cracks and transitions between materials with Fiberglass tape.

Safety Sheet

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