WP7-201 Spray & Seal

Instant and easy to use Rubber based repair, waterproofing and protection coating

Forms an elastic waterproof coating

For domestic, industrial (both indoor & outdoor) and automotive use

Reduces noise and protects against vibrations, stone chips etc

Can be painted over after 90 minutes

Good adhesion

Sandable and paintable

Can be used indoors and outdoor

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Tec7 Spray & Seal is a rubber based, instantly waterproof repair spray that is suitable for hundreds of emergency applications from sealing leaking gutters, repairing a patch in your roof to protecting surfaces from stone chips or rust. Tec7 Spray & Seal also reduces vibration and noise and can be sanded and painted once fully cured.


Temporary emergency repair of minor leaks

Sealing leaky gutters

Sealing screw and drill holes

Anti-corrosion coating of metal components

Protects car parts against stone chips

Sealing roof screws in corrugated sheeting

Protecting and waterproofing caravans, mobile homes, trailer parts, etc.

Protecting boats & parts against splashing (sea) water


  1. A few thin layers give a better result than one thick layer
  2. Make sure the surface is perfectly dry and free of grease
  3. Use WP7-101 LIQUASEAL or WP7-301 ROOF WATERPROOF for permanent roof repairs

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