WP7-301 Roof Waterproof

Roof Repair Paste

Suitable for use on wet and dry surfaces

Immediately waterproof and rain resistant

Can be used from -15°C to + 40°C

Ready to use: simply apply with a brush or spatula

Adheres to all materials

Compatible with all types of bituminous materials

Also available in 4.4L

Rubber and Fibre-reinforced repair paste for roofing and asphalt roofs.

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Tec7 Roof Waterproof is a ready for use and easy to apply bitumen and glass fibre-based roof repair product that can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces. Also suitable for vertical applications, Tec7 Roof Waterproof is immediately waterproof, adheres to most roofing materials and is compatible with all bituminous materials.


Seals leaks in flat roofing systems, gutters and drains

Repair of blisters and cracks

Sealing ducting and chimneys

Sealing foundations (EN 15814 certified)

Waterproofing roof connection joints, eaves, roof domes, etc.

Finishing details on flat roofing systems without burning


  1. This product always remains a bit tacky.
  2. You can finish WP7-301 ROOF WATERPROOF with chippings for extra protection and to create a surface for walking on if required.
  3. WP7-301 ROOF WATERPROOF is suitable as a quick emergency repair paste for leaks on all types of roofs, on all types of materials and in all weather conditions, even when raining or freezing temperatures.

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