WP7-501 Wall + Basement Waterproof

The only effective solution for the most difficult of wet basement walls and floors

Durable polymer cement coating

100% waterproof from a 2 mm layer

Resistant to 10 m water pressure

Odourless: free from solvents and toxic chemicals

Resistant to permanent immersion

Can be painted over and plastered


Available in 10kg powder + 1L primer

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Tec7 Wall & Basement is a hard elastic coating for damp basement walls and floors that can be plastered and painted when cured. When mixed Wall & Basement is easy to apply using a brush and has a strong adhesion to porous materials. Tec7 Wall & Basement is resistant to salts, water pressure, efflorescence and is suitable in areas that are permanently immersed in water.


Sealing damp basement walls

Waterproofing basement floors and terraces

Sealing and finishing old walls

Waterproof coating for wells, reservoirs, ponds

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