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How To Seal A Bath

It is important that you have a good seal around any bath you have in your home in order to prevent water escaping down the side and causing water damage on your ceiling or floor below.

To prevent this from happening, here are some helpful tips to ensure your seal cannot be penetrated for many years to come.


Step 1: Preparation

  • Place Silcone remover paste on the existing silicone around your bath and leave it to penetrate for a couple of hours in order for it to soften
  • Using a Silcone Scraper tool, remove the silicone from around your bath being careful not to scratch the surface
  • When it is removed, spray Tec 7 Cleaner on the surface in order to clean it and using a scouring pad, help wipe away any excess silicone, repeat this if necessary
  • Remove the nozzle and screw cap from your Tec 7 Cartridge
  • Using a sharp Utility knife cut the nozzle at a 30° angle and to the relevant width of the seal required, please note, you will have to cut the top of the cartridge before replacing the nozzle and always cut away from you in order to prevent an injury to yourself


Top Tip: Before you proceed with applying the Tec 7, half fill your bath with water, this will give you a better seal and allow for movement when the bath is being used

  • Place the Tec 7 in to a cartridge gun
  • Squeeze the handle on the gun to start the flow in to the nozzle
  • Apply the Tec 7 in a steady and consistent motion so as to ensure there is an even seal

Top Tip: Depending on the gun being used, you will have to ensure you keep squeezing the Tec 7 from the cartridge until the bath is completely sealed

When finished, place the screw cap back on the nozzle, the remaining Tec 7 will stay fresh in the cartridge ready for its next use for up to 12 months


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