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  • CA Clean is a strong ready to use cleaner that removes rust, limescale and cement/grout residues from most hardened surfaces.

    CA Clean is a foam formulated H.A.C.C.P (food safe) cleaner that takes its time to penetrate stains resulting in an extremely clean, safe to use surfaces.


  • For Removing Uncured Pur 7 Expanding Foam

  • Tec 7 Cleaner is a safe solvent cleaner for use with Tec 7. Tec7 Cleaner ensures a grease-free substrate to which perfect adhesion is possible.

  • HP Clean is a powerful and deep acting cleanser and degreaser that is suitable for removing natural staining or soiling such as algae, oil, mud, rust to name just a few from most surfaces.
    HP Clean is free from solvents and acids so is safe on all materials along with being friendly to your skin and most importantly, it is H.A.C.C.P (food grade) safe.

  • Tec7 MultiClean – the all purpose foaming spray cleaner

  • Tec7 Remove All is a stubborn cleaner for removing residues of cured Tec7, silicone, expanding foam and graffiti.
    Tec7 Remove All, not to be confused with paint stripper, works by penetrating stains and breaking the contact between them and the surface making products like Tec7 and paints easy to remove.

  • Tec7 Scarabee is a double sided powerful cleaning pad/scourer that removes stubborn stains. The pad when used with other cleaning products, gently removes stubborn stains while the scourer gently helps remove most stubborn stains that need a little more persuasion from most hard surfaces in a flash.

  • Tec7 Scrub is a cleaning and scouring cream for hard surfaces that cleans, refreshes and protects by leaving a water-repellent layer in a single application.
    Tec7 Scrub is solvent free and H.A.C.C.P (food grade) safe making it suitable for use on most surfaces to include kitchens. Tec7 Scrub is also skin friendly and biodegradable.

Showing all 9 results