Tec7 Scarabee

removes stubborn stains

Tec7 scarabee is double-sided and can be reused up to 5 mins in combination with Tec7 cleaners


Tec7 Scarabee is a double sided powerful cleaning pad/scourer that removes stubborn stains. The pad when used with other cleaning products, gently removes stubborn stains while the scourer gently helps remove most stubborn stains that need a little more persuasion from most hard surfaces in a flash.

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The SCARABEE has a mildly scouring effect and helps to remove the most stubborn stains from most hard surfaces in a flash.

Double-sided effect: a scourer on one side and compressed, microcellular melamine on the other side. Ideal when used in combination with TEC7 cleaners.


1. Dispense the cleaning product on the area/stain to be cleaned
2. Gently rub the product using the Scarabee until it has penetrated the application
3. Rinse thoroughly when finished.


Tec7 Scarabee can be used in the bathroom on tiles, sanitary wear, granite, acrylic resin (shower trays etc.), glass and mirror.
It can also be used in conjunction with the Tec7 range of cleaners on stoves and stove glass, stainless steel, fabrics, carpet and leather

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