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Tec7 Scrub – Cleans, Rejuvenates & Protects

Tec7 Scrub is a cleaning and scouring cream for hard surfaces that cleans, refreshes and protects by leaving a water-repellent layer in a single application.
Tec7 Scrub is solvent free and H.A.C.C.P (food grade) safe making it suitable for use on most surfaces to include kitchens. Tec7 Scrub is also skin friendly and biodegradable.

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How to use Tec7 Scrub

1. Always read the technical data sheets in order to understand the product that you are using.
2. Apply Tec7 Scrub with a damp cloth
3. Rub the surface until the product starts foaming
4. Harder scrubbing may be required depending on the application
5. When you are happy with the results, rinse with clean water
6. Finish by drying with a clean microfiber cloth

Where can I use Tec7 Scrub

Tec7 Scrub can be used to clean, refresh and protect smooth and polished concrete, ceramic and glazed tiles, sanitary wear, limestone, marble, slate, natural stone, grouting, acrylic resin (shower tray), glass, mirror, lacquered and varnished surfaces, laminate flooring, all metals to include stainless steel and copper and is excellent for cleaning and removing soot from stoves and stove glass

• Always test on an inconspicuous area first