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Tec7 MultiClean

Tec7 MultiClean – the all purpose foaming spray cleaner

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Tec7 MultiClean useful properties include:

Universal, all-purpose fast-acting cleaner for household and professional use
Cleans and degreases without leaving traces
Contains no abrasives
Visible action by foam contact
Very strong, very efficient
Pleasant odour

What can YOU do with Tec7 MultiClean?

Universal, all-purpose fast-acting cleaner for household and professional use
Safe to use on a wide range of materials, such as mirrors, windows, doors, furniture, imitation leather, hard synthetics, stainless steel, enamel, formica tiles, carpeting etc. (Always test on sensitive surfaces before use)
Very effective on rubber residues, dirt, grease, nicotine, pencil marks, etc.
Quickly removes : dead insects – dirt – grease – rubber marks – smoke deposits (nicotine) – waxes – etc.


Ideal for cleaning and degreasing of office, kitchen and bathroom furniture, tiles, washbowls in stainless steel and aluminium, stainless steel worktops, bath tubs, lighting, lacquered and enameled surfaces, leather and imitation leather seats, computer material from screen to keyboard, porcelain, mirrors, carpets and more.



Cleans all polished, chromium plated, lacquered and plastified surfaces, such as crayonne, seat and door upholstery. Removes nicotine, stripes of shoe blacking, even insect excrements and dead insects on windscreens, headlights.



Removes grease, dirt and light resins on rims, fairing, windscreen, clothing and more.


Instructions for use

Shake the aerosol before use.
Spray the application.
Let interact for a moment.
Dry the surface by rubbing with a clean, non-fluffy cloth and afterwards rub the surface again with a dry cloth.