A professional chemical anchor

Effective mounting and securing of all building materials

Two-component chemical anchor based on vinyl ester resins.

Withstands high forces.

Can be used on wet surfaces – even under water.

Can be applied at temperatures from -5°C to +40°C.

Hardens without shrinkage, making it reliable.

Hardens without expansion, making it stress-free.

Safe, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Also suitable for use indoors: Styrene-free, phthalate-free and has little odour.

Extremely high UV and chemical resistance.

Anchor is a two-component resin cement based on styrene-free vinyl esters and a standard pattern. Can be injected using a Tec Gun. The two components are mixed using static mixer tips. The unique combination of rapid hardening, wide margins for application and physical properties make it a unique chemical anchor for the professional market

Mounting and assembly of structural components in all building materials, including uncracked concrete, light concrete, foamed concrete, solid masonry, solid and hollow bricks, natural stone (important: test stone for discolouration). Anchoring of, e.g., railings, sanitary fixtures, cable ducts and pipes, metal sections, reinforcing steel, internal threaded rods, threaded rods, façade panels. Anchor can also be used as a repair cement for concrete: As a filler for superfluous drill holes. Can, thanks to its expansion-free hardening, be used for anchors where there is limited space between the shaft and wall. The cartridge can be reclosed with the protective cap after use and stored.

Can be used in aggressive surroundings. Highly resistant to chlorinated and salt water. High dimensional stability: Can be used over your head in holes in the ceiling. Very long storage life, even when the cartridge has been opened and used.


  • Product based on: Vinyl ester resins, free of styrene- and phthalate.
    Colour: grey.
  • Odour: Weak, low-odour.
  • Application temperature (ambient): Between -5°C and +40°C.
  • Application temperature (cartridge): Between +5°C and +20°C.
  • Temperature resistance after complete hardening: from -40°C to +80°C, with peaks up to +120°C.
  • Density: 1,66 kg/dm³.
  • Compressive strength: 103 N/mm².
  • Bending strength: 37 N/mm².
  • Dynamic elastic modulus: 1200 N/mm².
  • Chemical resistance: high. Shelf life: 18 months, kept dry, cool and frost free.
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