Tec7 Eco System Sausage 310ml

Eco System Sausage

Work More Sustainably

Same quality, same size product as a cartridge

More environmentally friendly foil sausage

Ease-of-use with specially-designed system

Cuts down on single-use plastics

97% less waste footprint than a cartridge

Reduced transport and waste costs



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Eco System Sausage is the same size, same quality product as in a cartridge. The difference between it and the original is that the sausage is packaged in foil which is more environmentally friendly. Using the product is easy with the help of a specially-designed gun and nozzle and adapter kit (both of which can be re-used). The best thing about the foil sausage is that it's a sustainable alternative to a regular adhesive or sealant that is in a cartridge as it cuts down on single use plastics. It is 97% less waste footprint than a cartridge. To add to this, the environmental costs associated with transport are lessened. To put this into perspective, 96,000 cartridges would take up a 53ft transport truck before filling, this is reduced to one pallet for 96,000 foil sausages.

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