Super7 & Activator Kit

Super 7 when used in combination with Super 7 Activator immediately hardens when pieces are brought together.

improves bonding to porous surfaces

The air humidity has practically no influence on the hardening of the adhesive

It avoids hardening problems so there are fewer risks

The Filling capacity of the adhesive is higher

The adhesive strength is the same as when on Super 7 is used

A light (finger) pressure on the parts to be bonded is not necessary.


Super Activator accelerates curing on porous and smooth surfaces alike

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Super 7 & Super 7 Activator has a wide range of applications and bonds most plastics, rubbers, glass, ceramics, wood, leather, etc., to metals or porous building materials (blue stone, chipboard, stone, etc.) or to each other (all combinations).

Super 7 & Super 7 Activator Bondings can be treated quickly as they are temperature, mechanically and chemical resistant

Super 7 & Super 7 Activator is an ideal combination of strength, fast bonding, sure bonding and simplicity, together with a perfect durability.

Super7 is a crystal clear, low viscosity, high adhesion glue that is perfect for quick bonding and repair. Bonding within 3 to 5 seconds,Super7 bonds to most materials such as plastics (exception - PE & PP), rubbers, glass, pexiglass, leather and metals. For porous materials, use Super7 Activator.

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