X-Seal Flexible Sealant

Expansion  Joint Professional Sealer

Extremely flexible with a satin finish


Adheres to most building materials, wet or dry

Perfect for expansion joints, facade’s & glazing applications

Safe & mould resistant


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Extremely flexible sealant based on MS hybrid polymer that replaces all other sealants: Decorators' caulk, sanitary silicone sealant, building mastic sealant, anti-moisture sealant, glazing sealant, natural stone sealant, concrete sealant, etc. It's easy to apply and perfectly repaintable. Superior adhesion combined with permanent elasticity makes for durable joints.


Extremely flexible sealant based on MS hybrid polymer that is ideal for use on expansion joints, facade’s and glazing applications where air-tightness and flexible sealing is required.
Tec7 X-SEAL is easy to apply, repaintable and adheres to most building materials, this combined with permanent elasticity makes for durable joints.
Tec7 X-SEAL also withstands harsh weather and wind, UV rays and temperature fluctuations.


  • Safe natural stone sealant for all types of stone such as marble, granite, bluestone, (most) composite materials, concrete, masonry, door sills, window sills & lintels etc.
  • Building mastic sealant for connection and expansion joints in construction and industry applications.
  • Glazing Putty
  • Sealing of facade and structural elements such as shopfronts, door casings, windows, panels, insulating boards, prefabricated elements, etc.
  • EC1935 ISEGA food contact approval: suitable for use in the food and hospitality industries.
  • Airtight bonds in AEN (almost energy-neutral) and ecological ‘passive construction’. Very low emissions: Emicode EC1 Plus /VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission class A+


  • Application temperature from +5°C to +40°C
  • Apply onto a clean and stable substrate. Fully remove old sealant residues.
  • If necessary, clean with Tec7 Cleaner and/or Multiclean.
  • Apply with a manual, electric or pneumatic caulking gun.
  • Test the adhesion to plastics such as PP and PE, silicones, powder coatings, exotic woods and bituminous materials. Use PT7 as a primer, if necessary. Start by strengthening weak and/or porous substrates with Fixprimer.
  • Use Tec7 Cleaner to clean and degrease safely, obtain the perfect finish and to remove uncured Tec7 products. Use HP Clean to finish porous materials, like natural stone.
  • Can be painted immediately after skin formation. Use paint or varnish depending on the movement of the joint. Alkyd resins will cure slowly on uncured X-Seal.

Technical Information

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