Pur7 Cleaner

Gun cleaner/removes uncured foam

Cleaner for PUR 7 Gun

Fits guns with a standard thread

Spout attached


Easy to use

Suitable for all PU foams

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PUR 7 Cleaner cleans and removes uncured PUR foam in an instant. It is also the simplest and most efficient way to clean your gun.


Use PUR 7 Cleaner to thoroughly clean your gun. Fits on all standard PUR guns.
You can remove uncured foam with the provided spray head.
Pur 7 Cleaner only works with uncured Expanding Foams, it is not suitable for use when they are fully cured


Cleaning of the PU Gun

Close the Flow Regulator Wheel completely before attaching Pur 7 Cleaner to the gun.
Open the Flow Regulator Wheel completely and press the trigger of the gun in order to allow the cleaner flush through the Gun. Continue if necessary until the Gun is completely cleaned.
Close the flow regulator wheel completely so as to allow you to unscrew the Gun from the aerosol can.
To clean the outside of the gun, apply the attached spray head to the aerosol can and spray the gun completely until the Pur 7 is removed.
Always store the gun dry.

Removing uncured PU foam

Install the provided spout on the can.
Check whether the surface to be treated is resistant to PUR 7 Cleaner. In case of doubt, first do a test on a spot that is not normally visible. Then apply PUR 7 Cleaner to a cloth and use it to clean the surface.
If necessary, repeat this treatment.

Safety Sheet

Technical Information

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