Tec7 Caulk

Professional Acrylic Based Caulk

Tec7 quality acrylic sealant.

Virtually odourless.

Easy to finish.

Repaintable after 1 hour.

Compatible with all paints and varnishes.

Suitably resistant to damp and condensation.

Safe to use with all construction materials

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Tec7 Caulk is a professional acrylic mastic used to seal and fill all construction materials. The formulation ensures a perfect finish with types of paint, wood stains and varnishes without blistering or discolouration, Tec7 Caulk sets to a plastic consistency which is perfect to allow for expansion and movement without loosening or cracking and is paintable after just 1 hour.


  • Sealing and finishing of joints, gaps and cracks before overcoating.
  • Sealing of joints between frames, walls, window sills, skirtings, etc.
  • Repairs and sealing of cracks and joints in aerated concrete, stone, plasterwork and woodwork.
  • Sealing of angle and panel joints in interior construction.
  • Filling drill and screw holes in walls and ceilings

Technical Specifications

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