Available in 5l, 750ml, 250ml containers and 300ml cartridge

Tec7 Filler

Tec 7 Filler: The All-In-One Filler and Finishing Plaster for indoor and outdoor use

Outstanding adhesion to all porous materials

Fill and finish with a single product

Dries without shrinking or cracking

Does not contain any solvents or isocyanates, totally odourless

Light weight and snow white

Quick drying, can be painted after 1 hour with water based paints

Flexible and will not crack

Long shelf-life

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Tec7 Filler is a superlight, elastic and finishing repair filler that is ready
to use, snow-white and ideal for the toughest of filling applications both
indoor and outdoor. Tec7 Filler is easy to spread and sand, is grain free and
has excellent adhesion to most porous construction materials.


Filling holes in plaster and masonry

Repairing ornamental frames, rosettes and decorative plaster work

Filling and finishing plasterboard

Filling screw holes

Repairing ceilings

Smoothing aircrete/thermalite blocks

Smoothing cut edges on MDF


  1. Dry surface and free of dust and grease
  2. Remove loose paint, crumbling plaster and other loose material
  3. Fix weak or crumbling surfaces first
  4. Apply with filling knife, press in and smooth off
  5. No sanding necessary
  6. For repairing holes deeper than 3cm build up in multiple layers
  7. Clean tools with water

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