Tec7 Sealant 310ml

Bonds, Mounts, Seals, Even Under Water

Unique bonding capacity

Adheres to both wet and dry substrates

High UV and fungus resistance

Tec 7 can seal, mount and bond all common building materials – even under water, eliminating the wait or need for damp or wet surfaces to dry and meaning you don’t have to carry the usual assortment of adhesives and sealers to each job.

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TEC7 is the original all-rounder.

More than 20 years after it was first launched, TEC7 still remains the most popular product for anything that needs gluing, sealing or securing. For a top-class job, tradesmen and savvy DIY enthusiasts reach for the TEC7 cartridge and rightly so!

TEC7 is the first choice for 80% of all applications.

TEC7 replaces assembly adhesive, wood glue, PU glue, silicone mastics, acrylate sealants..


  • Processing temperature: from +5°C to +40°C.
  • Apply to clean, dust and grease-free substrate.
  • If necessary clean with Tec7 Cleaner or Multiclean.
  • Apply with manual or air caulking gun (best with telescopic plunger).
  • Due to the wide variety of different plastic materials and compositions, as well as materials that are prone to stress cracking, preliminary trials are recommended.
  • Test the adhesion to plastics, powder coatings, exotic woods and bituminous materials. Start by strengthening weak and/or porous substrates with Fixprimer.
  • Due to the diversity of varnishes and paints on the market we recommend preliminary tests. Using products based on alkyd resins may delay the drying process.
  • Use Tec7 Cleaner to clean and degrease safely, obtain the perfect finish, and to remove uncured Tec7 polymers. Use HP Clean to finish porous materials.
  • When glueing mirrors in sanitary facilities only apply vertical strips of adhesive to avoid stagnant moisture due to condensation.
  • Ideal adhesive thickness for optimal adhesion strength: 3 mm.
  • Tec7 has lower adhesion on PP, PE, bitumen and silicones.


  • Base: MS polymer.
  • Flow: 5 bar/ 3 mm/ 23°C 140g/min.
  • Skin formation: 23°C 50% R.V. 8 minutes.
  • Tack-free: 23°C 50% R.V. 25 minutes.
  • Full hardening: 23°C 50% R.V.:
    • 24h – 6 mm
    • 48h – 7 mm
    • 72h – 8 mm
  • E-modulus 100%: 172N/cm² /1.72 Mpa.
  • Specific resistance: 26,257 GigaOhm per cm.
  • Volume shrinkage after curing: <3%.
  • Hardness – DIN 53505: 60 Shore A.
  • Tensile Strength:
    • after 7 days: 260 N/cm²
    • after 1 month: 280 N/cm²
    • after 3 months: 310 N/cm².
  • Tear strength – DIN 53504: 140N/cm² /1.40 Mpa.
  • The ambient temperature for application: between +5°C and +40°C.
  • Thermal stability: -40°C to +90°C /peak: 155°C max. 30 minutes.
  • Elongation at break – Din 53504: > 350%.
  • Air permeability (according to report 3P02093 of the SP TRI in Sweden: >0,2m³/m².
  • Non-toxic.
  • Water vapour transmission (DIN EN ISO 12572): 1,6.
  • Pressure resistance (ISO 11432): 1,19 N/mm².
  • Chemical resistance:
    • good: water, seawater, aliphatic solvents, oils, greases, diluted organic acids, lyes
    • moderate: esters, ketones, aromatics.
    • poor: concentrated acids, chlorinated solvents, chlorine of swimming pools.
  • Shelf life: 18 months from production. The first seven digits of the batch number form the production date: YY WW DDD, where YY = year (19 = 2019), WW = week and DDD = day.
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