WP7-202 Roof Tape

Permanent Repair & Protection Tape

Very good permanent adhesion to almost all materials

Immediately and permanently waterproof and windproof

High temperature resistance, does not sag

Easy to shape



Available in 50mm, 100mm, and 150mm widths

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Tec7 Roof Tape consists of a PE film sandwiched by 2 aluminium layers and a modified butyl rubber adhesive layer. Tec7 Roof Tape has a very high initial tack and flexibility that adapts to any shape that will not tear, is weather & UV resistant and paintable.


  1. Sealing seams in gutters
  2. Ridge sealing on greenhouses, conservatories, verandas and canopies
  3. Sealing holes in waste pipes
  4. Airtight connection of ventilation ducts
  5. Waterproofing connection joints on domes, chimneys
  6. Finishing sharp edges in metal and wooden structures
  7. Emergency repair of cracks in boats, campers, caravans

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