WP7-402 Damp Stop

Rising Damp Barrier

Water Repellent Wall Injection Gel

For all types of walls: brick, natural stone, hollow bricks, etc.

Wall thickness up to 40 cm (Apply both inside & outside on walls more than 40cm)

Also for severely damp walls (up to 95% moisture content)

BBRI triple A + inspection: always 100% effective!

Simple application

Safe, solvent-free and odourless product

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Tec7 Damp Stop is the complete solution against rising damp that forms a water repellent, horizontal barrier in walls. Suitable for use with all types of bricks and block, including hollow/cavity and stone.


Invisible barrier to rising damp

Stops salt deposits from groundwater


Are you going to renovate? This is always your very first job!

After injecting, it is best to remove the plaster affected and give the wall time to dry out.

Always read the full technical data sheet at www.tec7.ie forcomplete instructions.

Safety Sheet

Technical Information

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